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300m/1,000ft CAT5 VGA Receiver/Repeater

300m/1,000ft CAT5 VGA Receiver/Repeater

Manufacturer: Beacon Extender Inc.

The CAT5 VGA Receiver/Repeater is a device that receives VGA and stereo Audio signal and retransmit it to the next remote display, so that the signal can cover extra long distances. It has advanced video tuning (RGB Skew adjust) to enhance performance up to 300M (1,000 ft) from source and then daisy chain with another AV Receiver (AV-701Z-xxx) for longer cable runs.
Features :

  • Daisy chainable Receiver/Repeater boosts signal and retransmits to downstream displays.
  • Supplies crisp video VGA from a source up to 300 m (1000 feet) away.
  • Total hardware solution. OS independent.
  • Adjust video EQ, Gain, and RGB skew for optimum image over longer cable runs.
  • Convenient. Place video monitors anywhere you want.
  • Simple. Does one job, well.
  • Economical.
  • Easy to install.
  • No player needed at display locations. This compact Receiver supports the display.


  • Ordering Information :
  • AV-701Z-315: 300m/1000ft AV Repeater with Stereo Audio
  • AV-701Z-305: 300m/1000ft VGA Repeater (without Audio)
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